Our Story

In 2009, at 28 years old Dave, my rugby playing, police officer husband started walking like he was drunk.  On a holiday to Spain with friends, he suddenly lost the ability to wear flip flops, they would fly off his feet – it was the running joke of the holiday.  Fast forward a few months... Read More

Louie's Story

It was at five-months-old that Mum Natalie McDougall started to worry about her first-born son Louie. “He was born very small, just 4lb 11oz, but at five-months-old his foot had dropped into a pointed position,” Natalie, recalls. “He wasn’t meeting milestones, wasn’t sitting up or bearing any weight on his legs.” Louie was referred to... Read More

Ruairi’s story

Like most 28-year-olds Ruairi Corr wants to live an active life, travel independently and enjoy new experiences. Ruairi loves swimming, hiking, mountain climbing and has even been sky diving – all incredible as Ruairi has the rare genetic condition adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) and is registered blind, hearing impaired and has epilepsy. Despite his complex needs, Ruairi,... Read More