Our Story

In 2009, at 28 years old Dave, my rugby playing, police officer husband started walking like he was drunk.  On a holiday to Spain with friends, he suddenly lost the ability to wear flip flops, they would fly off his feet – it was the running joke of the holiday.  Fast forward a few months... Read More

Felix's Story

In 2012 our third son Felix was born.  At only 2 weeks old it became apparent that he was struggling to thrive and we were consequently referred to a myriad of specialist healthcare services within the NHS.  All of them superbly caring and supportive.  Felix remained somewhat of an enigma to all involved in his care... Read More

Becky and Frances' Story

Where do I start? I met the most wonderful man in 1995.  I’d known him since I was 11 years old so we were friends before we reconnected. I knew he was not like other men as he had a disability and coped so well you just did not notice because of his wonderful smile... Read More