Our Story

In 2009, at 28 years old Dave, my rugby playing, police officer husband started walking like he was drunk.  On a holiday to Spain with friends, he suddenly lost the ability to wear flip flops, they would fly off his feet – it was the running joke of the holiday.  Fast forward a few months... Read More

Eddie's Story

Eddie Braun is a loud, sometimes cheeky four-year-old who is determined to let his mum know exactly what he wants. His default setting is happiness, despite the numerous challenges he faces. He absolutely loves cycling and swimming. Eddie has an ultra-rare genetic condition caused by the genetic mutation COL4A2 which is linked to small blood... Read More

Maddison's Story

Feisty, confident Maddison Sherwood dreams of being an actress. The ten-year-old student goes to drama school in her spare time and loves nothing more than singing and dancing.   Maddison has the rare genetic disorder Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Respiratory Distress (SMARD) which means she uses a ventilator and tracheotomy to help her breathe and... Read More