Louie's Story

It was at five-months-old that Mum Natalie McDougall started to worry about her first-born son Louie. “He was born very small, just 4lb 11oz, but at five-months-old his foot had dropped into a pointed position,” Natalie, recalls. “He wasn’t meeting milestones, wasn’t sitting up or bearing any weight on his legs.” Louie was referred to... Read More

Ruairi’s story

Like most 28-year-olds Ruairi Corr wants to live an active life, travel independently and enjoy new experiences. Ruairi loves swimming, hiking, mountain climbing and has even been sky diving – all incredible as Ruairi has the rare genetic condition adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) and is registered blind, hearing impaired and has epilepsy. Despite his complex needs, Ruairi,... Read More

Ivan’s story

Three-year-old Ivan Novak was born with the very rare genetic condition Phelan McDermid syndrome (PMS) which affects development, mobility, speech, digestion and shares similarities with autism. Ivan’s parents Elissa, 32 and Joe, 33, first became concerned when Ivan – their only child - was seven-months-old and was delayed reaching milestones. “It was during the first... Read More