Felix's Story

"In 2012 our third son Felix was born.  At only 2 weeks old it became apparent that he was struggling to thrive and we were consequently referred to a myriad of specialist healthcare services within the NHS.  All of them superbly caring and supportive.  Felix remained somewhat of an enigma to all involved in his care... Read More

Sannah's Story

Sannah Fayyaz was 24 when she first visited London on a trip her family will never forget. Sannah, from Burnley, Lancs, has San Fillipo disease which, over 14 years, has slowly robbed this vibrant young woman of her abilities. But mum Feeraz says her daughter loves the hustle and bustle of cities and is a... Read More

Henry's Story

"Henry is three years old and has the rare genetic disorder Diamond Blackfan Anaemia.  This means that his bone marrow does not function correctly leaving him reliant on blood transfusions every 3-4 weeks to stay alive. We found out that Henry was poorly at our 12-week pregnancy scan, he had an increased nuchal measurement at... Read More