Our Mission

The Sandcastle Trust’s mission is to reduce inequalities in emotional health and wellbeing outcomes for families living with a rare genetic condition. Our services help to build positive family memories, strengthen family relationships, reduce isolation and improve resilience.

We also increase public awareness of the inequalities and barriers to emotional health and wellbeing that families living with rare genetic conditions face and affect positive change through our work.

How We Help

There are approximately 6,000 diagnosed genetic conditions. Each affects less than 0.1% of the UK’s population, but together they are one of the greatest causes of disability and early death and affect the lives of 3 million people in the UK (source: National Human Genome Research Institute). Many are life limiting, all are life-changing.

Significant challenges to positive emotional health and wellbeing are likely to present themselves to individuals diagnosed with a rare genetic condition and their family members. The Sandcastle Trust walks alongside families living with a rare genetic condition offering a range of impactful emotional health and well-being initiatives.

Get Involved

Become part of Team Sandcastle and raise money to help us support families affected by rare genetic conditions.

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Upcoming Events

Royal Parks Half Marathon 2024

We have the opportunity to take part in the 2024 Royal Parks Half Marathon and we would love you to join Team Sandcastle for this...