The Sandcastle Trust welcomes a new trustee onto its board

The Sandcastle Trust are very pleased to announce that we have had a new trustee join our board.

Meet Mina.

Mina is a journalist, the author of two cookbooks and an editor on the food desk at The Guardian. Before her daughter, Vida, was diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anaemia in 2019, aged four months old, her knowledge of genetic disorders was remote – and her dealings with the NHS infrequent. Now, regular hospital visits and medical interventions are a part of everyday life, as is advocating for her daughter’s needs. She has grown to see Vida’s DBA less as “a genetic condition” than another example of the human condition: these things happen, often randomly, and moments of joy post-diagnosis are not only possible but can be abundant. In this spirit, she is delighted to join the board of trustees at the Sandcastle Trust, giving people with rare conditions and their families support and opportunities to make memories.