The Sandcastle Trust welcomes a new trustee onto its board

The Sandcastle Trust are very pleased to announce that we have had a new trustee join our board.

Meet Sam, a HR Director, mum to Hollie and step mum to Jude and Daisy.

“My experience with genetic disorders was non-existent until Hollie was born 11 years ago.  Very quickly I was learning about chromosome deletions and genetics whilst adapting to my new life as not just a mum, but a mum to a child with a rare condition that next to no-one knew about.  Whilst adapting I was also grieving for the life I thought I was going to have when I discovered I was going to be a mum.

The early months and years could often by lonely and I soon discovered that finding charities and organisations that could help, support and guide invaluable.  I wasn’t alone, I wasn’t the only mum in this situation and I soon wanted to help others in my situation.  Through work I was able to raise money for associated charities and along this journey, I discovered The Sandcastle Trust.  As a family, we have been lucky to experience days out provided by the Sandcastle Trust and seeing the joy in not just Hollie’s face, I decided I wanted to give back and help other families.  I have run the London Landmarks, arranged cake bake offs and pub quizzes.  But for me it isn’t just about raising much needed funds, its about giving time to help the trust with their mission and I am delighted to be joining as a trustee.”